Workshop for Girls


I am excited to be offering workshops for girls in the community that address many of the needs of our youth today. Workshops are offered in school and out of school in the community and provide a small group of girls the opportunity to discuss feelings, fears and challenges in a supportive setting. Time is set aside for each attendee to address individual concerns privately with me or another qualified teen counselor, and issues involving bullying, sexuality, eating disorders, loss, friend issues, stress, anxiety, depression and communication are addressed in the group as a whole.  Many girls tell me that they love the fact that they can discuss these issues in a group setting, with other people going through something similar, and learning about solutions and coping skills are the part that makes the time spent very worthwhile. Some girls find that the workshops are not enough, and may benefit from one on one work with me. I am passionate about supporting girls who are being bullied, and who have been traumatized by bullying situations in and out of school, and offer assertiveness training, compassionate coaching, trauma counselling and comprehensive support to these girls and their families.