My Approach to Counselling

approach-to-counsellingI consider it a privilege to be in a profession where I have the opportunity to work with people intimately and I never take this for granted. I am honored that you are inviting me in to your private life and I take this responsibility seriously, and with care and compassion.

Counselling is your choice and as we work together you will find you have a lot of say about what we discuss and how you would like to proceed. I am in the position of wanting to support you and help you as much as I can. I work with each client that I have individually, with a custom approach that suits your needs. I use an integrated therapeutic approach and this allows me to use a wealth of resources and techniques to support you, and to offer you the most well suited therapy that will help you to achieve your goals. Our relationship is a partnership, and I will be checking in with you throughout therapy to see how things are going and how you feel about the progress that you are making. With counselling you may find that there are some ups and downs, and it is courageous work to address the issues that we have been avoiding. Sometimes clients feel a little worse before they feel better. This is to be expected.

I am working in a busy private practice and I set time aside for our sessions. 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of a session, or your normal fee will be charged. Fees will be discussed when we book your first session, and I offer an initial thorough phone consultation at no charge.

I keep file notes regarding our sessions together, which aids me in tracking your goals and progress. You have access to your file at any time, and your file is kept secure and locked in my office.

I am happy to answer any questions or address your comments regarding the above, please discuss them with me. I look forward to talking with you about our work together.