Family Therapy

My experience with family therapy happened organically the more I worked with young people and found that at some point in therapy, the most important aspect of the young person getting the support they needed was about bringing in the whole family to discuss and collaborate on solving challenging family dynamics. Family therapy is about treating the family as a whole and working with all members of the family in a way that creates positive outcomes for the family system.  I have studied the Satir Model of Family Theory which is based on the assumptions that all people want to grow and transform, each person in the family has within them their own resources for growth and development, and in families everyone is impacted by everyone and everything. When we come together and allow families to discuss how different people within the family are impacted by different choices family members are making, we have an opportunity to reflect, heal and make necessary changes. Parents find these sessions to be immensely helpful, and young people often feel a huge sense of empowerment around advocating their needs and working on communication skills.  Sometimes we meet with the whole family, other times it is just siblings, or just parents and one child. I have worked with divorced families, blended families, and families going through separation.  I customize my approach with each family I work with for their personal situation.