Testimonials For Tamara Bustos

couples-counselling“Tamara has an intrinsic compassion for people that radiates through her. She is a brilliant and a strong leader with a warm and loving nature. I trust her whole-heartedly as a counsellor and feel blessed to have her support.”

“My daughter attended the workshop, and found the day to be both enlightening and inspirational. It allowed her to talk about issues that were relevant to her, in a space that was safe. It allowed her to dream, and really think about what she wants for her future. At a pivotal age, I found the course to be relevant and timely, encouraging the girls to embrace who they are, and to recognize the importance of friendship”

“After years of not having the best of luck in love, feeling like I was stuck and picking the wrong person over and over again in my life I needed a change. My family and friends are wonderful in many ways, but I needed something different. Not knowing what to expect from a counsellor, I was nervous, but talking to Tamara is comfortable. Tamara understands. Tamara made the experience of talking with her like having a coffee and a chat with a girlfriend, she really gets it. Not only have I met the man of my dreams, but every aspect of my life has benefited from our chats. Thanks Tamara.”


“I began seeing Tamara a little over two years ago to help me find direction in making some crucial life decisions. Tamara has a gentle kindness that allows me to open up and be authentically myself in her presence. I have gained a great deal in my personal sessions with her, so much so, I have entrusted her to counsel my teenaged son as well. Tamara was the perfect fit for counselling for me and my family. I am forever grateful to have found such a warm, open-minded counsellor with expertise in her field.”


“Tamara is a very empathetic and compassionate therapist and has a good balance between listening and providing input. She doesn’t hesitate to hold me accountable and to have the difficult conversations. Tamara has been integral in helping me understand how some of my life events and my upbringing has attributed to some of my patterns and life decisions. This awareness is priceless in shaping my path forward. In addition, Tamara is very patient with repeat conversations and in reinforcing concepts, to help reverse thinking patterns. Thank you Tamara for all your help !!!”


“I brought my husband to see Tamara for marital counselling and like most men he was reluctant and skeptical. After a few sessions we both left feeling relieved and optimistic. Tamara was able to help us break down walls which allowed us to finally communicate and achieve a better understanding of one another’s needs. As we left her office, my husband looked at me with disbelief and said, “she’s a miracle worker!””


“Our entire family has seen Tamara for counselling. She is able to effectively counsel people of all ages and all reasons. She possess a non judgemental, therapeutic compassionate approach which makes the client feel at ease. I have seen many therapists over the years, but she’s the best!”